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Hi everybody, my name is Baptiste Miny, Art Director at 4th way studio. I'm so glad to finally show you our first game : The Salt Fortress.

Let's go !


The Salt Fortress is a grim and mysterious video game combining point-and-click exploration and turn-by-turn combat, set in an unholy cathedral filled with secrets and in which dwell nightmarish entities. The game is centred on its atmosphere, visual narration and mystery.


- Explore the mysterious structure, uncovering every room one by one.. Who knows what may lie in the next chamber? A secret, an artefacts, demons, or the last words of a desperate soul.

The entrance of the Fortress The entrance of the Fortress

- Fight for survival. Encounter more than 15 strange fiends crawling from the corrupted fortress's depths or summoned straight out of the Cathedral's master's insane mind. An original turn-by-turn system will challenge your mind throughout your adventure.

Turn by turn combat with "confirm" system Turn by turn combat with "confirm" system

- Original combat mechanics. In the Salt Fortress, defeat your enemies by choosing an appropriate combat stance, then enhance the effectiveness of your moves with a reflex based "confirm" system.

- Enhance your character. Combat experience allows you to increase your power and acquire a diverse array of skills, from strategic defensive manoeuvres to powerful strikes. Ancient relics might also open up new hidden abilities and prolong your dangerous journey.

The heroe's arcanes; strenght, armor, life, mastery. The heroe's arcanes; strenght, armor, life, mastery.

- Venture through an eerie and frightening world with a carefully crafted visual and auditory atmosphere, without heavy narration or invasive tutorials.

Who knows what sleeps in the Fortress ? Who knows what sleeps in the Fortress ?

- Three playable characters: Argan, Drosera and Etna have totally distinct fighting abilities. Hand-to-hand fighter, poisonous Witch, vampiric assassin, each one of them offers a different experience and feeling of progression.

Three heroes, three different experience. Three heroes, three different experience.

- Difficulty. Demons will have no mercy and the Fortress is filled with deadly traps. You can only fail a limited amount of times before having to restart with one of the remaining protagonists.

- Mysteries. The sudden appearance of the Salt Fortress and its purpose will only be discerned by the gathering of scarce information, be it through notes, letters or the wailings of ghosts. Walk in the steps of the "Master" at your own peril.


We need your support on Kickstarter to help us finish the game, currently at more than 70% of its completion. Your help comes at an important phase, where we are polishing the game and preparing it for a release this year. Your funding will give us enough time to make sure that our game offers the best experience possible and even add more content than originally planned.

We are all passionate about games and virtual words and we are doing our best to make the most out of our capabilities.


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