A few words about our team - news for the demo

Hi everybody, some peoples have been asking about our team, what type of tools we use, etc. So here are the answers: Where ? -We are three in the team, we don't work in the same local, not even in the same city. Not even in the same country in fact. Baptiste is in Toulouse, Arthur moved recently to Brussels, and Scott lives in Bordeaux. Who ? - Baptiste is the game's creator. He was concept artist and Illustrator, graduate from the Emile Cohl's School in Lyon. He is now the main artist and programmer on The Salt Fortress. - Arthur is the composer and sound designer. He is also known as Hawkins, he sometimes produces music for live show and is works also on Dark Devotion, another independant video game. - Scott is actually an economist, he doesn't work in the industry although he is absolutely passionnate about video games. He helps for all kind of tasks in game design, but also gives major feedbacks about the game itself, to improve and perfect it. What tools do you use? - Baptiste uses Photoshop and Clickteam Fusion (MMF) for Illustrations and programmation. - Arthur uses Ableton live 9. That's it ! If you have other questions feel free to mention it in the comment section.

And, at the end of the week, you'll get a Demo for the game (only in French) ! We'll send you an Email to download it. Spread the word, we count on you, thanks ! Baptiste

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